Enjoy a camping holiday with spa in Vias

Cap'Balnéo area

Cap'Balnéo area A youth therapy!

  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Heated pool
  • Balneotherapy

An exceptional place in Vias, our CAP'BALNEO area has been designed to offer you a privileged moment, a moment of your own, relaxation and well-being, also allowing you to relax after months of obligations of all kinds, to take the time to listen to your body, and therefore your heart ...

Reserved for CAP SOLEIL +18 years customers, included in your stay, heated during all the season, you will rediscover the harmony between your body and your mind thanks to:

  • 2 playful balneo pools with numerous hydro-massage possibilities
  • panoramic Jacuzzi with retractable roof
  • a counter-current pedestrian path with self-massage pebbles for the well-being of your arch
  • various hydro-massage anatomical booths for 2 to 4 specific points of your body
  • a hydro-massage course with bubble bath (air massage)
  • fountains and cascades hydro-massage jets
  • a sauna and a steam room for a warm relaxation sublimated by the scent of essential oils
  • on the terrace, 2 solariums with deck chairs to prolong the pleasure of the senses under a benefactor sun

The SPA has many virtues other than relaxation, it stimulates the blood circulation, relieves muscular (and emotional!) tensions, relieves the articulations, relaxes the muscles, tones the skin, soothes the pains, facilitates the digestion, eliminates the toxins, boosts the supply of oxygen to the different cells of the body, relaxes ... A wonder!

Sauna & Hammam

Sauna & Hammam Look like a new person!

  • Hammam
  • Sauna

Choosing between sauna and steam room was impossible for us, so we offer both!
Included in your stay, they are essential extras to getting back into shape, the ideal is to do first a hammam session, then a cold shower, then a sauna before a final cold shower and a rest on the solarium.

Some info:

  • the heat, either dry or wet, causes intense perspiration and therefore a dilatation of the pores of the skin, which allows to effectively remove all impurities.
  • these baths of heat are accompanied by fresh baths (cold shower). This step is necessary to create, after vasodilatation, a vasoconstriction, which activates the blood circulation and brings a real relaxation.
  • the hammam invites to relaxation. It is hot but this moist heat is easily bearable. Here, we regain our taste for peace, we get to know ourselves, we listen to ourselves, we let ourselves live ...
  • the feeling of muscle relaxation is really noticeable. The objective of the steam room is not to sweat but to relax and clean the skin. It also helps eliminate toxins from the body through moisture-saturated air.
  • a sauna session lasts from 8 to 15 minutes maximum. The sauna must be at a temperature of 70 to 85 ° C. Sitting on a towel or lying on a bath towel to protect the bench from sweat, feet at the same height as the buttocks, we avoid talking or moving, the extreme temperature mobilizes all the nervous energies, the best is to empty your mind. When you get out, the passage under the cold shower must be considered as a delivery of heat and not as an aggression of the cold.


  • Massage
  • Well being

CAP'DETENTE is definitely one of the keys to the success of your holidays!
You will be welcomed in our massage parlor by our expert professional practitioner. It will offer you several techniques, adapted to your wishes and needs, in a setting suitable to letting go and fulfillment.

CAP'BEAUTE invites you to enjoy a beautiful beauty break in the heart of the campsite.
Hair removal? A varnish break? An eyelash lift? A facial treatment? Make an appointment and let yourself be guided!

All the details on https://www.cap-detente-vias.com/

Service with extras



1/ By appointment only
2/ Book your massages or treatments on www.cap-detente-vias.com & pay online
3/ Book by phone Cap'Détente at - Cap'Beauté at & pay on site


The main benefits of massages:

  • by stimulating the skin and body tissues, the massages will revive the circulation of the different liquids of your body (blood, lymph, water).
  • they will tone the skin and tissues by activating blood circulation through the use of suitable vegetable oils. Thanks to alternating gentle and tonic movements, the skin, thus solicited, will become suppler, soften and slim down.
  • massaging techniques relax, stimulate and tone muscles, relieving tension and pain.
  • the massages favor the elimination of the toxins, the venous drainage and the circulation of the lymph thus preventing for example the feelings of heavy legs.
  • the body so pampered will relax and allow a quick and effective recovery. In the following days, you will feel a healthy tiredness that will plunge you into a sweet recuperative sleep.
  • from a mental and emotional point of view, the time spent caring for yourself, and letting yourself in the hands of our masseuse, will relieve your spirit and give you a time of rest and serenity. When leaving the session, you will have forgotten the time, the weight of your worries and you will leave freer and lighter.
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