Vias rempart

Vias A dynamic municipality

Vias Tourism Office

It is very dynamic and organizes various excursions, sometimes free, sometimes with participation, to make you discover the communal inheritance:

  • Coastal walks: commented discovery of the fauna and flora of the seaside. Educational games, small fishing ...
  • Guided tour of the historic center: Vias, an old Mediterranean city shaped like a circle, reveals a surprising architectural and historical heritage.
  • Guided tour of the Canal du Midi and the Libron's structures: an exciting guided tour to discover the history of the Canal and understand how, these unique in the world engineering structures, works!
  • Beautiful Cycling breakaway: go on the trails between the Canal du Midi and the Mediterranean Sea. Picnic from the bag and wine tasting offered.
  • Musical Cruises: listen to salsa, flamenco, jazz or French variety tunes aboard the Bateaux du Soleil barge. Wine tasting offered in the presence of the winemaker.
  • The discovery of the nocturnal fauna: the little world of the night reveals its secrets in the company of a naturalist guide. An excursion highly recommended to families, to know everything about the small nocturnal animals of our destination (bats, moths, nocturnal birds ...).


In July and August, a memorable evening for young and old: horse games, bouquet games, games of the chair, race with the cockade, cow for the young ladies, little calf for the children.

2  18holes courses on green (carpet).
An invitation to travel in the American West with:

- The Californian, exotic atmosphere of palm trees, waterfalls and rivers
- Arizona, in the footsteps of the gold rush with its mine and its western village
- End of the trip in a typical American garage of the 30s on the legendary route 66

Floral and Animal Park in a large park of 8 hectares.
You will discover:

- An exotic terraced  garden with thousands of cacti, palm trees, bamboo ...
- Ponds and canals, aquatic plants (water lilies, lotus, etc...)
And you will meet many animals, yaks, llamas, bull, donkeys, goats, sheep (with 4 horns and more!), Ducks and exotic birds...

Come and drive!

Category 1.1 certification
Practice amateur karting  or competition karting .
Rental of adults and children karts for beginners and confirmed drivers.
Competition karts and semi-competition provided under certain conditions (regular and efficient Chronos)

More than 80 rides on almost 7 hectares, it is definitly confirmed: Europark is the largest fixed fairground in France!
From the most tranquil and family-friendly attractions to thrilling rides, there's something for everyone! For families, couples or in groups, everyone finds happiness!
And every week, wonderful fireworks!

The largest covered park in France!
For children from 1 to 13 years old, 3000 m² of games: plenty of impressive and playful attractions!

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